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E-currency exchanger listing

php Support

I`am providing php and MySql support !
In german & english language !
soon more...

Bitcoin Faucet

Faucet is paying & online since March 20, 2015 !
My faucet is now proofed since 2 years almost !!
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I`am working every day to defent my Page against cheaters and Proxy users
soon more...

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  • 09-15-2016

    New CooldownTimer

    I implemented a new CooldownTimer in my script. Now no refresh is needed ! Hope you like it !

  • August 2016

    New Design and Server

    Page is now on a new webServer and got a brand new design i hope you like it and give me Feedback !

  • July 2016

    Support Chat available

    For Questions about Bitcoin use the new Support Chat on the bottom left ! Faucetbox payout is back ! I also cleand the Faucet advertismens !

  • December 2015

    Contact Form

    The contact form is now working. Send me your Questions i will reply as soon as possible !

comming soon


Send me any Question !!! I will answer as soon as possible !